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J.C. Allen Contracting L.L.C. 

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Handyman Services - Appliance Repair - Property Maintenance


​Who We Are.

J.C Allen Contracting, LLC began in 2012 when the Founder and CEO, Jesse Allen, decided to cut lawns as supplementary income for his family. He would literally load all his lawn equipment into the trunk of the family car after work and cut the few yards he had at the time. What started as an evening and weekend "side hustle" turned into a small lawn care business in just a few short years. Customers realized they could not only trust us but could also rely on us to show up consistantly and get the job done.

Currently we service over 30 lawn customers each week and have expanded into the handyman and appliance repair industries. We also have upgraded from the family car to a service truck and landscape trailer with a few commercial mowers and other lawn equipment. As we continue to grow, our focus is to stay with the small "in and out" jobs. Specifically, we will fix most home fixtures, appliances, hardware, and maintain a property.

In essence we are a family owned home improvement company that is constantly improving!


Our Vision

To raise the standard for business practices in the home improvement industry. To grow a company and hire the best individuals for each position within our organization. To run a company built on Trust and Reliability.

Our Mission

To provide each and every customer with safe, ethical, and quality repairs or services while maintaining outstanding customer service to accomplish our vision.